Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Steam Coal from South Kalimantan Indonesia

Coal Investors is coal mining and coal trading company in south kalimantan. Coal mining industry in Indonesia definitely represents rich resource mining sector with growing production. And that’s merely the reason why coal mining investment is very prospective and desirable. Coal Investors company is one of the leading coal mining industries in Indonesia that extract several most promising coal deposits in Indonesia. No wonder this industry has been rapidly growing within the last 10 years since it was first established. Coal Investors produce coal in three different calories. They are GAR 6000-5800, FAR 4200-4000 and GAR 3800-3600.

http://coalinvestors.com/ - Indonesia’s coal mining sector has still being one of the most potential mining businesses with prospective future. Market for coal product has actually been risen due to increased local consumption and new potential markets in India and China. Despite the shift toward renewable energy resources in global scale, developing countries like India are still dependent on coal for low cost power plants. Indonesia itself has also increased its local consumption following the new state’s mega project of 35.000-MW electricity program to fulfill the domestic need.

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